Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Toot toot!

My month of vacation is officially over! I have arrived in Miami, Florida, one of my favourite places! Beautiful weather and lots of fun people! This week I am taking part in Cruise Shipping Miami! As the official Ambassador to Halifax Harbour, greeting cruise ships is a big part of my job. Meeting with cruise ship people today at the event is fantastic. I am very excited for the 2012 Cruise Season.

Next weekend I am very exctited to announce that I will be attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show. This will be my first visit to West Palm Beach. The boat show will be incredible and I can't wait to see all of the beautiful boats! I will be taking lots of pictures and will be sure to update my blog with the photos. I am working with Waterfront Development Corporation at this event to showcase the beautiful marinas in Nova Scotia. I will be wearing my Nova Scotia banners!

I will be blogging soon!


  1. Don't forget your sunblock Theodore....and have fun for all of us still in Nova Scotia suffering with the cool, damp weather.

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