Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Relaunch of the Bluenose II

Hello fellow Bluenosers!

What a weekend it was! This past Saturday, September 29, marked the grand relaunch of the majestic Bluenose II. A little rain couldn't dampen the day or the spirits of those in attendance. We are maritimers after all!

You could feel the excitement in the air as the Bluenose II sailed throught the waters. What a moment for us Nova Scotians! I was delighted to have been invited to witness this historic event!

As a fellow Bluenose, I share some very interesting things in common with the Bluenose II that many people don't know:

1) Both of us were built in Lunenburg county
2) I was built by some of the same craftsmen that built the beauty (I think we both share the same good looks!)
3) We both have a theme song (Mine can be heard on a daily basis at my home base at Cable Wharf, is slightly more upbeat while the tragic but beautiful melody of the Bluenose really pulls on the heartstrings!)

4)We have a book written about us called Theodore Too and the Mystery Guest.

Maritimers share a proud history of many things, but our heritage of wooden boats and schooners is at the top of the list! Maybe I'm biased as I am a wooden boat myself! Either way, there is no denying the importance of the Bluenose II and what she resprents to all of us. I know that Captain Angus Walters and his crew are looking on with great joy.

 Who knows... one day maybe I will be on a Canadian dime as well!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My time in Charlottetown

Hanging out in Charlottetown,

This past week I was able to spend some time in the lovely province of Prince Edward Island. I steamed out of Pugwash on July 29 and made my way up to Charlottetown. It didn't take me too long to make my way to the island, after sailing down the eastern seaboard and back earlier this year, everything seems like a short journey!

I knew I was getting close to PEI when I saw the mighty Confederation bridge spanning across Northumberland Strait. The Confederation bridge reminds me of my friend from Halifax, Benjamin Bridge! Just much bigger of course!

 I docked at the Historic Charlottetown Seaport and was able to do a few tours in the water! I had lots of great people come and visit and was able to show the fine people of Prince Edward Island all about the way a tugboat like me runs!

That is a wondeful photo of some visitors aboard my decks with Captain Peter Murphy :)

After a wonderful visit, (and some delicious Cows Ice Cream!), I began the journey home! I am still making my way back to Nova Scotia and will update everyone when I arrive back!

Monday, 30 July 2012

The Tall Ships!

My Tall Ship experience!

It certainly has been an exciting couple of weeks! Tall Ships Nova Scotia 2012 has been quite a whirlwind of activity! It all started on July 19 in Halifax. I was able to take on a new job role as a special ferry carrying festival goers back and forth across the Harbour to each of the fun family areas in Halifax and Alderney Landing. I only wish I could be a bit smaller so I could have gone on all the bouncy castles and rides! Also onboard with me were authors from the Word on the Street program who read a few great stories while I made my way across the harbour.

On Friday morning I was happy to cruise out and greet the impressive Tall Ship, the USCGC Eagle. What a sight that was coming into Halifax harbour! I'm happy I could greet the Captain and Crew as they sailed into my home harbour.

During the nights of the Tall Ships festival, it was time to party! I had a fun fireworks cruise each night which were spectacular! I took this photo as I sailed out with my passengers to see the sights from the water.

 After a weekend of seeing the beautiful Tall Ships and enjoying the spectacular Fireworks every night it was time to lead the Parade of Sails as the majestic vessels made their way out of Halifax harbour. What an incredible experience that was! The weather could not have been better for our weekend of Tall Ships in Halifax and we cannot wait until we see them sail back in again :)

I am now on to visit Pugwash, N.S and Pictou N.S before heading on to Charlottetown, P.E.I. I'll have much more to share about my visit to island, and of course, the birth place of Cows Ice Cream! Until next time!

Monday, 18 June 2012

My 12th Birthday Party!

Hello hello!

On Saturday, June 16 I celebrated my 12th Birthday with all my friends! It was a great day on the Halifax Waterfront. I woke up on Saturday morning to bunches of red ballons! Red is my favourite colour in the whole world, so it was a perfect present!

The day began with my very own theme song being played at Murphy's the Cable Wharf! Lots and lots of friends stopped by to sign my wonderful birthday card to wish me well!  Lots of people came aboard my deck to say hello and look around. All passeners aboard Theodore Too are official Captains too! Hop into the Captain Chair and wear the Official Theodore Too Captain hat!

After a special birthday reading of one of my favourite stories, Theodore Too and the Mystery Guest, it was time to have cake! Atlantic Superstore on Joseph Howe was kind enough to donate two beautiful birthday cakes! A red one and a blue one!

After having some very deicious cake, it was time to depart for my special birthday cruise! The wind was perfect as it pushed my off the deck and I went coasting down the blue waters of Halifax Harbour. I felt like a big celebrity as all of my boat friends including the Ferry twins, her highness the Harbour Queen, the Haligonian, all the Harbour Hoppers and beautiful yachts and sailboats blew their horns to wish me well! Benjamin Bridge even stood up as tall as he could to let me pass underneath.

Thank you to all of my friends who came out to support me. You made my special day!

Monday, 21 May 2012

On to Norfolk!

I got to take an unusual route up to Norfolk. My adventure so far has always been on the open ocean. Cruising either north or south in the vast North Atlantic. Spotting dolphins and turtles. Rocking in the  swells and rolling over the white caps. I've always liked the open ocean as it gives way to beautiful star filled nights and amazing sunrises. But sometimes the weather can be nasty, which makes for rough conditions. 
Along the Eastern seaboard, there is an inter coastal water way giving boaters an option when traveling along the coast. Starting at Norfolk, boaters can take this waterway all the way to Miami in order to avoid rough seas around Cape Hatteras, or other stormy conditions. My crew decided to take me up this waterway to stay safe from such conditions. I absolutely loved my journey along this peaceful stretch of water. It took me through scenic marsh lands and narrow channels. I loved seeing people come onto their docks to wave hello.

 I arrived in Norfolk and was docked at the Nauticus Marine Centre. There they had an amazing display of maritime history. The USS Wisconsin is on permanent display and I was amazed by her size. But I didn't have time for sight seeing. I had thousands of kids to entertain over the weekend. I was there with the WHRO kids promoting safe boating, and of course Halifax. I had lots of visits by local tugs too. It was so much fun meeting with people who had seen me in Florida. 

 I'm continuing on up the coast. The water is getting cooler and I'm getting into familiar waters. I have a quick stop in New York for a few days. I think Lady Liberty misses me.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Tall Ship Visits

Happy Monday Everyone!

I had a fantastic stay in Savannah. When we left on Monday the weather had turned. People braved the elements along the Savannah River front to bid farewell to the Tall Ships as they parade down the river with sails set aback and swells meeting them in the harbour entrance. It wasn't an easy day to leave as I had such a fantastic time in the sea side Georgia city.

I was welcomed in the city by the most gracious host Savannah had to offer. By the time my lines were secured, the crew was being informed of all the spots they had to visit. Dinner dates were made, welcoming baskets were prepared, and I was looking my finest for the Tall Ships. I couldn't wait for my old friends to arrive to open our hatches for all the Savannians.

Throughout the festival I had over 5,000 people visit my decks. I was able to show everyone Haligonian hospitality along with my stories from home and my trip down South. I made even more friends with the local tugs who were always coming for a visit. They had small ferries running people back and fourth from one side of the river to the other. They were really interested in the ferry twins back at home and would love to come for a visit.

But like every fantastic festival, it had to come to an end. By the time the last farewells were made and crews made it back to their boats, we had to prepare for our next leg of the journey. I was leaving in my wake some amazing hospitality but knew that every day I was sailing North, I would be closer to my beloved Halifax. I'm on my way now to Norfolk and equally excited for the navigational adventure to the sea side Virginia city.

Until next time, Toot Toot.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Migrating North,

My last farewells were made in South Florida. My crew arrived early last week. Last minute preparations were made. Filled up with fuel and water. Stocked up on some provisions for a few days, and everything was stowed away properly for my trip up to Savannah. I left Thursday afternoon on the high tide and had an amazing two day sail with light winds, following seas, and warm weather. Once in the Gulf Stream, Florida was quickly left in my wake and I had Georgia on my mind.

The Gulf Stream makes for some fantastic sailing when timed properly. I saw more dolphin shows (they really never get old), turtles lazing about, and my crew was even able to fish along the way. To my amazement, they even caught something and the barbecue smelled good that night. But what I like the most about sailing in the Gulf Stream is the help I get when heading home. The warm water from the Gulf of Mexico flows North to the cooler waters close to Nova Scotia and across to Europe. This creates a fast and warm ocean current which accelerates me back up the coast. I can relax and let the current do most of the work!

You really never know who you will meet when traveling at sea. Some nights are quiet without even a whisper on the radio. Other times you find yourself with lots of other ships around. I saw the USS George W. Bush training its crew along the way. There were jets and helicopters flying around practicing taking off and landing from the massive aircraft carrier. One of the helicopters even came by to say hello so I responded "Toot toot" as they flew by.

Now I'm safely in Savannah and very excited as the rest of the Tall Ships arrive. I can't wait to open my doors to all the people who want to stop by and hear about my trip back home.