Monday, 14 May 2012

The Tall Ship Visits

Happy Monday Everyone!

I had a fantastic stay in Savannah. When we left on Monday the weather had turned. People braved the elements along the Savannah River front to bid farewell to the Tall Ships as they parade down the river with sails set aback and swells meeting them in the harbour entrance. It wasn't an easy day to leave as I had such a fantastic time in the sea side Georgia city.

I was welcomed in the city by the most gracious host Savannah had to offer. By the time my lines were secured, the crew was being informed of all the spots they had to visit. Dinner dates were made, welcoming baskets were prepared, and I was looking my finest for the Tall Ships. I couldn't wait for my old friends to arrive to open our hatches for all the Savannians.

Throughout the festival I had over 5,000 people visit my decks. I was able to show everyone Haligonian hospitality along with my stories from home and my trip down South. I made even more friends with the local tugs who were always coming for a visit. They had small ferries running people back and fourth from one side of the river to the other. They were really interested in the ferry twins back at home and would love to come for a visit.

But like every fantastic festival, it had to come to an end. By the time the last farewells were made and crews made it back to their boats, we had to prepare for our next leg of the journey. I was leaving in my wake some amazing hospitality but knew that every day I was sailing North, I would be closer to my beloved Halifax. I'm on my way now to Norfolk and equally excited for the navigational adventure to the sea side Virginia city.

Until next time, Toot Toot.

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