Monday, 21 May 2012

On to Norfolk!

I got to take an unusual route up to Norfolk. My adventure so far has always been on the open ocean. Cruising either north or south in the vast North Atlantic. Spotting dolphins and turtles. Rocking in the  swells and rolling over the white caps. I've always liked the open ocean as it gives way to beautiful star filled nights and amazing sunrises. But sometimes the weather can be nasty, which makes for rough conditions. 
Along the Eastern seaboard, there is an inter coastal water way giving boaters an option when traveling along the coast. Starting at Norfolk, boaters can take this waterway all the way to Miami in order to avoid rough seas around Cape Hatteras, or other stormy conditions. My crew decided to take me up this waterway to stay safe from such conditions. I absolutely loved my journey along this peaceful stretch of water. It took me through scenic marsh lands and narrow channels. I loved seeing people come onto their docks to wave hello.

 I arrived in Norfolk and was docked at the Nauticus Marine Centre. There they had an amazing display of maritime history. The USS Wisconsin is on permanent display and I was amazed by her size. But I didn't have time for sight seeing. I had thousands of kids to entertain over the weekend. I was there with the WHRO kids promoting safe boating, and of course Halifax. I had lots of visits by local tugs too. It was so much fun meeting with people who had seen me in Florida. 

 I'm continuing on up the coast. The water is getting cooler and I'm getting into familiar waters. I have a quick stop in New York for a few days. I think Lady Liberty misses me.

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