Tuesday, 15 November 2011

En Route from Cape May to Fernandina Beach to West Palm Beach!

Hi everyone!

I was out to sea for the longest leg of my life.... 650 nautical miles from Cape May New Jersey to Fernandina Florida. I was in the grove, having good weather and fair seas, managed to navigate another large obstacle of the trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Cape Hatteras is a treacherous section of offshore shoals along North Carolina. Notorious for ship wrecks and also close to Cape Fear. There was no fear for me though as I happily made it into the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream.

There are still lots of dolphins along my bow as I pulled into Fernandina Florida for a much needed washing and re-fueling. I was met well by locals and kids coming from the area. I also had lots of friends from Nova Scotia who were taking their boats down for the winter. After the salt was scrubbed off and few provisions were taken on, the crew and I were ready to tackle some more southern distances of the trip.

The leg from Fernandina to West Palm Beach was the first time I had a head on wind to deal with. It slowed me down a bit and made for a little rougher conditions. I like riding the wind and the waves much more then slamming into them. I managed the 250 mile distance with little complaint. I've been having good luck and lots of help along the way. I arrived early Monday morning under the lights of West Palm Beach. Lots of curious onlookers wanting to hear my story, and I am always happy to tell them of the big harbour where I come from.

Until next time!

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