Monday, 7 November 2011


Hi Everyone,

I was excited to get to New York! My passage through Buzzards Bay into Long Island Sound went very well. A following tide pushed me along above my normal cruising speed. I always like going a little faster. Through the sound, I met lots of fishing boats. I thought there were a lot in Nova Scotia, but all along the Eastern Sea Board people are out there enjoying the seas and the resources they provide. Exploring new territory, I made a lot of new friends. Boats were coming up to have a closer look and I would respond with my familiar "Toot Toot".

Then New York city came into view. I was overwhelmed with emotions. Coming into the East River, I saw all kinds of different boats. All kinds of tugs were around pushing barges and pulling other boats. Police boats were buzzing by giving off welcoming cries of their sirens. Tour boats passed with lots of people taking pictures, and ferries bringing people to and from work flew by. I was a little anxious at first, but then felt at home with all the activity. I wanted to look my best for everyone, and the crew made sure I was tip top.

I passed under all the famous bridges along my way to Manhattan. Queensborough, Brooklyn, and Manhattan to name a few, I made sure to tell them about Benjamin back at home. A special spot was reserved for me right downtown. I had amazing views of the large skyscrapers bending my head back as high as I could see. I couldn't stay long though, my date was waiting for me as the sun was setting over the Big Apple. Out of my protect marina, there she stood proud and brave. I was blushing as we went to say hello, and she wished me well on my trip. I can't wait to see her again next year.

The weather was favourable for me to make some more progress South. I shot out of New York Harbour and set my sights for the Jersey shore. After a long night of bouncing around, I needed a rest and a nice place to slip in to avoid another storm. I was welcomed in Cape May with open arms. Lots of kids have come by to say hello, and I felt very welcomed away from home. I miss my friends back in Halifax, but am making great ones along the way. I have some big days ahead of me and can't wait to get to some warmer weathers, and take in some nice Southern hospitality.

Till next time!