Monday, 28 November 2011

My first week in Fort Lauderdale

Hello everyone!

I have had a very welcoming week in Fort Lauderdale. Entering Port Everglades, the little tug Hero escorted me up the river to where I would call home for the next month. I was met by cameras and reporters once dockside as everyone here were happy to finally see us! I was feeling very proud supporting Nova Scotia and wasn't shy for my spotlight on the evening news. I am located directly downtown Fort Lauderdale and have had lots of questions to answer about the trip and my plans for the winter.

The week consisted of more cleaning and preparation for the Family Day event this past Sunday. The crew is always busy keeping me looking my best and keeping me happy. Winterfest Family Day was a part of the build up to the Winterfest Parade. I was open for the public to come and look around my decks, and have a seat in the Captain's Chair. I went out for a short cruise with some close friends to have a look at the beautiful waterfront around Fort Lauderdale.

I have a little down time before the big event on December 10th. Some of the crew are going to take a short break, but will be back to have me looking my best for the parade. I will still be answering questions to curious passer-byes and chatting about the Port of Halifax and our beautiful province. I am also happy to just hang out and take in the tropical weather. Until next time. Toot Toot!

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