Thursday, 3 November 2011


Hi Guys!

I had the longest day of my trip South. The storm subsided, the seas calmed down, and I had smooth sailing across the 180 mile stretch between southern Nova Scotia and Cape Cod. With beautiful sunsets to the west and miraculous sunrises to the east, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. While the last light houses along the Southwest Shore winked goodbye to me, I had one last glance of Nova Scotia's spectacular coast line.

The first night revealed a star studded sky only to quickly disappear with cloud cover. The next morning was much of the same. The crew remained vigilant on their watches. Keeping a close eye on the horizon, a pod of white sided dolphins came into view. Swimming straight at me, they quickly altered course and began to play in his bow wake. I was very excited. And to top off the day, a brilliant sunset revealed a green flash of light just as the sun dropped below the horizon. A phenomenon that is usually seen in the tropics, but then again who says it can't be tropical along the Gulf of Maine in November.

We spotted land in the early hours Monday morning. I came down Cape Cod Bay, shot through Cape Cod Canal with some other tug boat friends, and arrived in Fairhaven as the sun rose over the beautiful maritime town. After a long stretch of steaming, I was thirsty. The crew fueled me up, filled my water tanks, picked up one more crew and now I'm is off to the Big Apple. I have a date with Lady Liberty!

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